the stand

Just in case you were busy not looking at the internet, television, a newspaper, a magazine, a phone, or another human being in the past 24 hours, you may have missed the news that Ben Affleck has been cast to play the “older, grizzled” Batman/ Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel in which Batman and Superman will punch each other real hard before likely coming to some kind of truce and caped bromance.  But, that likely means about a year’s worth of work for Affleck (the film doesn’t come out until 2015 and he’s reportedly already in heavy weights training), which means some long-discussed projects are falling by the wayside.

One such project?  Stephen King’s The Stand.  Ben Affleck has been attached to direct the adaptation of King’s gargantuan novel for some time now, but has now officially dropped out of the monumentally daunting project (a six-hour miniseries adaptation was produced in 1994, and it just barely managed to contain a very basic version of the 1152 page novel’s plot).

So, who will replace him?  Scott Cooper, writer and director of Crazy Heart and the upcoming Out of the Furnace.  Cooper’s a solid director but something of an unknown quantity in comparison to Affleck, so this definitely just got interesting.

King’s 1978 novel tells the apocalyptic story of a government-engineered virus that is accidentally let loose and kills 99% of the human population within a matter of weeks.  In the summer after the disaster, what’s left of mankind begins to form two camps in America—one in Boulder, Colorado, is led by an elderly woman who claims to be an agent of God, while the other congregates in Las Vegas under the leadership of Randall Flagg, a demonic being who figures heavily in King’s Dark Tower series.  The two groups, one good and one evil, eventually build towards the titular stand.

What do you think of The Stand news?

Source: /Film