Within the past 24 hours DC Entertainment and Warner Bros managed to trump all of the latest Marvel news with what they’ve spilled out to the masses with their upcoming superhero movie Batman vs. SupermanWe’re all quite aware that Ben Affleck is now the new Batman, but a lot of us had no idea that they would be rebooting all of Gotham City in the process.

Shortly after the news broke about our new version of Batman, rumors began to break that Detroit could become the new ideal location to become Gotham City. If this turns out to be the case, then it would work out in a way. It would be cool to see a disgusting, gritty-looking Gotham City once again. Granted Christopher Nolan and company did form a cool version of the city (with a mixture heavy on Chicago with bits of NYC and LA thrown in), but for me it did appear at times a little too pristine-looking for a place to call Batman’s home. Gorgeous but a little too pretty for my tastes. Then again I was a big fan of the dark and super stylized version of Gotham that Tim Burton featured in his two Bat-films.

So they’re scouting Detroit at the moment to possibly turn it into Gotham City, but that’s not all the news we have for you. The location scouts are scouring around Morocco as well, which has fanboys and fangirls buzzing with ideas about why they would do such a thing. A lot of them are speculating that this may be the place where Luthor and company will finally get their hands on some kryptonite to bring down Superman. Since this is a versus movie then maybe Batman uncovers it. Who knows? All I know is that we haven’t heard a lick about what the story is really going to be about and frankly, that bothers me. We’ve got a cast, possible location and director, but where’s our story? I say we’re due for a small synopsis a lot sooner rather than later.

Does Detroit seem like an ideal place to become Gotham City for Batman vs. Superman?

Source: Cinema Blend