Ol’ Sylvester Stallone—the guy just can’t seem to help himself.  Ever since Rocky Balboa came out in 2006 to surprisingly decent reviews and box office, Stallone has been in full-on revivalist mode—churning out a Rambo sequel in 2008, as well as reviving the gloriously big and dumb action films of the 1980s with his The Expendables franchise in 2010, 2012, and in 2014.  The guy loves that people still love his classic ‘80s characters, which is why we’re now getting a television show about none other than John Rambo.

Entertainment One and Nu Image, whom Stallone has teamed with previously to produce The Expendables movies, are joining forces to create a television show about Rambo, Stallone’s troubled Vietnam vet who has waged war against an entire small-town police force, rescued Vietnam POWs and symbolically won the Vietnam war 10 years later, invaded Afghanistan, and killed, like, half of Burma.

As for Stallone, /Film notes that he will have “a creative role” and that “he could star as well.”  One could imagine that the series format would be something along the lines of The Incredible Hulk TV series of the 1980s—John Rambo as a wandering drifter who gets pulled into various situations to help people.  Or he could just blow up the everliving hell out of things.  It will be interested to see if Stallone is willing to make the leap to the small screen, however, or if the show will simply reboot the character with a younger actor.

What do you think of the Rambo news?