In Libra, his 1988 virtuosic novel about Lee Harvey Oswald, Don DeLillo referred to the assignation of John F. Kennedy as the “seven seconds that broke the back of the American century,” a discordant, disorienting moment of horror and existentialist dread in which a powerless man could come seemingly from nowhere and kill the most powerful man on the planet (though the novel, as well as many others, indicate that the assignation was due rather to the machinations of a secret government entity rather than a lone gunman).  As such, it’s no surprise that the capital-E Event is something that fascinates Hollywood, which is why we now have Parkland.

The trailer for Parkland (Parkland being the name of the hospital JFK was taken to after the shooting) is an impressive and portentous recreation of the events that day; however, due to the dizzying amount of celebrity appearances (Zac freaking Efron, Billy Bob Thornton, Paul Giamatti, Marcia Gay Harden, Jackie Earle Haley, Mark Duplass, Colin Hanks, and more, the trailer begins to unfortunately echo the terrible “hey look we’re famous but being totes serious about something was for realz sad, you guys” 2006 film, Bobby, about the RFK assassination.  Check it out:

So, are we wrong?  Hopefully.  Parkland is set for a September 20th release date.

What do you think of the trailer?