Leonardo DiCaprio and Clint Eastwood on the set of J. Edgar

When Steven Spielberg exited American Sniper, it was a great loss for project as he may be the best known filmmaker in the world. Well, we’d hate to live on the difference with his supposed replacement as Clint Eastwood is now looking to be the helmer. Bradley Cooper is attached as producer, and is also likely to star.

This news comes from Twitch Film, and it raises at least one question: What’s going on with Jersey Boys? Eastwood’s adaptation of the musical has been gaining cast members recently, and though Clint seemed like an odd fit (while American Sniper sounds right in his wheelhouse), one imagines that this news means that either Jersey Boys is dead or this project can wait. As Cooper is the producer, and would probably love to work with Clint Eastwood (as seems to have been the case with Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon), we wouldn’t be surprised if they target American Sniper for awards season 2015 (or 2014, considering Eastwood’s low take count ethos).

Though Spielberg may be better known as a director, Eastwood is easily the most famous person working behind a camera as he’s been a star for over a half-century. And though his most recent output has failed to get him much academy notice, nor was any of it all that good (his last three films were  2011′s J. Edgar, 2010′s Hereafter and 2009′s Invictus), he’s still Clint Eastwood. And that counts for a lot.

Are you a fan of Eastwood behind the camera, or do you think he peaked?