Jonathan Banks/Community
We’re definitely excited about Dan Harmon‘s return to Community, but with the absence of Chevy Chase, and with Donald Glover only appearing in five episodes, it feels like he’s returning to a leaky ship. Well, if you want a good reason to tune in for season five, here’s one. Mike Ehrmantraut Jonathan Banks has joined the cast for eleven episodes.

Following in the footsteps of fellow Breaking Bad alum Giancarlo Esposito, Banks is joining Community for most of season five, where he’ll be playing Pat Nichols, who — according to Entertainment Weekly — is “an intense criminology professor with a mysterious background in military and police work.” Which keeps him in line with appearances made by veteran character actors like Michael K. Williams, Michael Ironside, and (to include a season four example) Malcolm McDowell.

But though Banks left the cast of Breaking Bad, his work there will lead to more work and surely– like Esposito’s role on NBC’s Revolution or Dean Norris on Under the Dome – some new show will grab Banks like he’s a hot recent find. Whereas many will remember Banks for his numerous minor roles in such 80′s classics as Airplane!, 48 Hrs. and Beverly Hills Cop. But back then he had hair, so it’s different.

Are you sold on Season five of Community?