In Sunday’s episode of Low Winter Sun, Detective Agnew continued his angry tantrum by beating one of his fellow detectives to the ground. “The Goat Rodeo” shed some new light on the dead bodies found inside the car last week. We were also introduced to a handful of new characters from the criminal world.

The Players:

  • Director: Ernest R. Dickerson
  • Writer: Chris Mundy
  • Cast: Mark Strong, Lennie James, James Ransone, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Sprague Grayden, Athena Karkanis

Episode Title: “The Goat Rodeo”

Both bodies found in McCann’s submerged car are autopsied. McCann reveals that he he didn’t drown in the river, and the other body belongs to a butchered Internal Affairs informant. Agnew beats Geddes to get him to reveal that Agnew’s girlfriend Katia is still alive. Meanwhile, Geddes tries to distance himself from Damon Callis’s criminal enterprise and its connections to McCann.

The Good:

  • Feminism Moment: Detective Dani Kahlil (played by Karkanis) is the only woman in the homicide detective unit. She doesn’t get much respect from the guys, but looks to be real police (without any dirt). Kahlil is the most likable character on the show right now, and could potentially have a very interesting arc, especially from what we saw last night. When a Muslim store clerk gives her the cold shoulder for being a woman, she fiercely lets him know (in his foreign language) that she’s not his wife or his sister, but the woman protecting him. Her likability went through the roof at that very moment.
  • New Crew: This show has it all, including black and white criminals, which is definitely a good thing. Damon goes to the black crew to let them know that he’s opening up a club, and doesn’t want any trouble. Of course, the black crew gets hostile and demands he pay “taxes” on his new venture, which Damon agrees to. These new characters don’t appear to be as interesting as those we saw on The Wire, but it’s good to see more people involved.

The Bad:

  • Angry Agnew: Detective Agnew is way too angry. Strong is a very talented actor, but his character has zero charisma. He’s too strong, too mean and too pissed off. So far, it seems that the reason he killed McCann was because he thought the man killed (and chopped up) his prostitute girlfriend, who went by the name of Katia. The fact that Agnew was dumb enough to fall for a foreign prostitute and kill a man on her behalf reduces his likability and credibility as a sane man.
  • Fighting Policemen: Did anyone else think that fighting sequence between Agnew and Geddes was completely ridiculous? Why is Geddes putting up with this man’s insane behavior? These two have a strange relationship, and we’re beginning to question how in the world they agreed on killing a man. They’re way too paranoid.


“The Goat Rodeo” failed to maintain our attention. This show has some serious problems, starting with Detective Agnew. He’s suppose to be the main character, but if he’s not likable, the audience won’t be able to connect with him. All we’ve seen him do is mope around, kill a man and obsess over his supposedly dead girlfriend. The writers need to show us a better side to this confused detective.

Rating: 5.5/10

Low Winter Sun airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on AMC.

What did you think of last night’s premiere?