sinister six

For some time now, in addition to hinting that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would be overloaded with villains—Electro and Rhino have been confirmed, as have the alter-egos of Green Goblin and his son, and Vulture has been rumored—director Marc Webb has continually teased that the Sinister Six (basically a super-group of Spider-Man villains, think of them as the anti-Avengers, whose primary goal is to kill Spidey, plus you know, the whole world dominion thing) will eventually make an appearance somewhere in the franchise, with Amazing Spider-Man 2 setting that plot in motion.

And now, the film’s production has offered yet another tease in that direction.

Bundled within a series of basic promo pics that don’t reveal much of, well, anything, is a picture of producer Avi Arad sitting under a very, very large sign that says “Sinister Six.”

sinister six amazing spider-man 2

Now, /Film theorizes that this could be a photoshop, or perhaps even a shot taken near the studio where Sinister was filmed; either way, it could just be a cute gag on the part of production.  Or, however unlikely, it could be a fairly blatant hint: “Yes, we’re gonna be just like Marvel with The Avengers or Warner Bros. with The Justice League, and make our own team-up franchise, but with villains.”  Which, all things considered, would be pretty interesting (since the new Spidey isn’t that interesting—sorry, web-slinger fans).

What do you think of the Sinister Six tease?