ScreenCrave recently spoke to the cast of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2. They were more than excited to talk about their experience returning to Swallow Falls. The sequel picks up right after the last movie with Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader) and fellow citizens dealing with its fall-out. One of Flint’s childhood heroes swoops in and helps evacuate the town, enlisting Flint’s help in the process.

Flint starts a new life in a new city until it’s discovered that his food machine’s evolved and turned his hometown into a Jurrasic Park of Foodimals! Along with his girlfriend Sam (Anna Faris), her cameraman Manny (Benjamin Bratt), ‘Baby’ Brent (Andy Samberg) and monkey Steve (Neil Patrick Harris), they try to stop the machine and its creatures. Below, Bratt, Faris and Hader share their thoughts on why they love Cloudy 2.

The cast on new director Cody Cameron’s hilarious way of giving instructions:

Bill Hader: They did a very good job at illustrating and explaining what was happening. Cody would read with you-

Benjamin Bratt: With boundless enthusiasm-

Anna Faris: Cody was weirdly skilled at it and really good!

Bill Hader: And he would laugh! [To Ben and Anna] Would he laugh over your takes sometimes?

Benjamin Bratt: [Chuckles] Yes he would.

Bill Hader: Cody would laugh over your takes. Someone would go ‘Cody don’t laugh!’ ‘Cause he would get a good take and he would go [imitates Cody laughing].

Hader reveals what he loves about Flint:

Bill Hader: I like how Flint can’t keep a girl. At the end of the first one he gets the girl but in the second movie he realizes ‘Oh it’s keeping the girl that’s the hard thing.’

Benjamin Bratt: He just don’t get it .

Bill Hader: He just don’t get it yet. Flint got it but at the beginning of the movie he did not get it at all. He’s dumb with girls.

Benjamin Bratt: Well the second film does begin some 60 seconds after the last one so he hasn’t had much time to process it.

Bill Hader: That’s true, its kind of like the Karate Kid/Karate Kid 2 thing. Karate Kid 2 picks up immediately where the first one ended and when I was a kid and I saw that I was like ‘Ooh, there’s a fight in the parking lot after the fight at the end of the movie? Ooh! This is great!’ That’s kinda what this is like.

Faris on Sam’s evolution and Bratt talks Manny’s personality:

Anna Faris: I feel like with my character Sam, [she] has become a little bit more of an understated leader… I think that she attempts to sort of guide the group to like a practical, logical place if that makes any sense. She’s a gentle one.

Benjamin Bratt: Manny is kind of the ballast in any given scene where there’s chaos or disruption going on. But at one point in the script, we also discover that he’s an actor. Manny, he’s a jack of all trades, master of all, he has a license for everything. I don’t wanna give away too much but near the end the group finds themselves in peril. They might be near death and at one point, just through improvisation, we started doing the St. Crispin’s Day Speech from Henry V and Manny busts out from the bard ‘We few, we happy few’ in his accent. That’s when he says ‘I’m also an actor.’ So it was fun to do a little improv with lines like that and try to find the funny moments.

Bill Hader: That’s the great thing about Manny. Lesson for any screenwriter — write a character who can secretly do anything. Get you out of any sort of peril.

Benjamin Bratt: Deus Ex Machina.

Faris on her favorite Foodimal that didn’t make the film:

Anna Faris: There’s one that I like, a Corni-Corn. Which is a Unicorn … it’s a mythical creature made out of corn.

Bill Hader: Corni-Corn is good. Why didn’t they use that?

Anna Faris: I dunno, Corny-Corn.

Bill Hader: I guess he’ll be in the third one.

Anna Faris: Maybe they don’t like unicorns?

Bill Hader: Maybe they’re not a girl. Maybe they like reality.

The trio on what surprised them about the popularity of the first movie:

Anna Faris: What surprised me is the following. It did well in the box office but now there’s like a whole group of people who didn’t necessarily see it in the theater but have now seen it on whatever people watch these things on now. That’s been a really nice surprise. A lot of parents.

Bill Hader: My daughter likes the movie but she has no idea it’s me. I’ll be like ‘That’s daddy’ and she’s three and kinda looks at me like …’That’s a cartoon.’

Benjamin Bratt: I think it was just really cool to see adults embrace the film with equal zeal as kids. Everyone, whatever the age is — they accept the parameters of what reality is within the film. It gets pretty outrageous at times. It’s a very zany, fun ride to kind of go on. It’s real enough, it feels familiar enough and yet you know with Flint and the inventions he has — The Jell-O Mold Date was my favorite one. Such a wild idea and they make it somehow seem like it’s really happening.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 opens September 27.