300 rise of an empire

Last June, we showed you the first full trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire, the sequel to Zack Snyder’s 300, and as we noted, it came jam-packed with big burly guys armed with capes, codpieces and swords who do a bunch of slow-motion punching, yelling and kicking in front of green screens.  And if that sounds like your thing, you should love 300: Rise of an Empire.  But, just in case that two minute and 30 second trailer featured simply too much plot, narrative and logic and not nearly enough hulking musclemen and Eva Green crazy-eyes for you, now comes the international trailer, which has been whittled down to exactly 60 seconds of money-shots.

Jettisoning almost any mention of plot whatsoever (the trailer boils it down to this: Lena Heady wants revenge for what happened in the first movie, and the first movie’s Big Bad, Xerxes, joins forces with Eva Green’s navy in order to wage massive, CGI’d war), the international trailer is all action.  If you find yourself shouting in excitement over the next 60 seconds, well, the flick’s for you:

Directed by Noam Murro, 300: Rise of an Empire is set for a March 7, 2014 release.

What did you think of the trailer?

Source: /Film