Breaking Bad

In the latest bit of titillating, mind-bending Superman Vs. Batman casting news (a.k.a., bear with it, it’s a slow news cycle week), Bryan Cranston, star of Breaking Bad, is hinting that he may be cast as Lex Luthor in Superman Vs. Batman, the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel.  Because he’s really good at playing intense, morally vacuous bald smart guys, I guess this makes sense.

The Breaking Bad actor recently did an interview with Metro in which he was asked about possibly being asked to portray the Superman arch-villain in the upcoming film (the character was hinted at in Man of Steel with some blink-or-you’ll-miss-‘em LexCorp logos), and Cranston answered with this:

Give me a call. I like Lex Luthor. I think he’s misunderstood. He’s a loveable, sweet man.

As /Film notes, Cranston was “smiling when he said this” and that he had “a hint of familiarity.  Like he’s maybe thinking about the role.”  And since we’re desperate, so, so desperate, for any kind of real news concerning Superman Vs. Batman, we’ll know base entire news posts on the fact that an actor smiled with a whiff of familiarity when discussing potential casting news.  Journalism!

Though, it must be said, if Lex Luthor is a villain in Superman Vs. Batman, it will make for a rather odd film, in which Superman basically spends his time fighting multiple billionaire control freaks, right?

Speaking of Batman and wildly unfounded rumors, the current casting buzz concerning the Caped Crusader is that Warner Bros. will give Christian Bale $60 million if he’ll show up and lend this film any semblance of legitimacy.

What do you think of the casting news?

Source: /Film