Darren Aronofsky Black Swan

Though he toiled in the system for years, it wasn’t until Darren Aronofsky directed Black Swan that his career kicked into overdrive. He’s got Noah, a big biblical epic starring Russell Crowe, due next spring, and now he’s in contention to direct an adaptation of the Jason Matthews novel Red Sparrow for 20th Century Fox.

This news comes from Deadline, and they note that the book follows a female Russian spy who has to get close to an American agent who’s also handling sensitive secrets, and a tryst develops. As she goes through with her mission she grows increasingly frustrated with the new regime she works under. The good news about this is that Fox seems to want to make a reasonably big movie that doesn’t seem to involve superheroes, or offer franchise possibilities.

It’s hard to say if Aronofsky will take the job, and it’s fair to say Paramount is taking a big risk with Noah, which is an expensive biblical epic that could find no traction in pop culture. If that’s the case, the successes of The Wrestler and Black Swan will likely send Aronofsky scuttling to a “for hire” gig, which he was perilously close to before Swan made over a hundred million dollars (remember, he was attached to The Wolverine for a while). With Aronofsky attached, Red Sparrow could be a big smart blockbuster-type movie. Here’s hoping.

What would you like to see Aronofsky do next?