If you thought that November was no longer Twilight month, then you’re dead wrong. Even though we have no more painful Twilight movies to infest theaters worldwide, the folks behind the series are still making it a point to dominate the month of November with the release of their monstrous Blu-ray/DVD set. 

The official Blu-ray set titled Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga will bring many fans back to the sleepy little forest town where all sorts of strange supernatural occurrences take place, along with a bit of over-dramatized romance.  The monstrous Blu-ray/DVD set is to hit shelves on November 5th. Of course there’s a certain amount of footage added onto this set, about 2 hours worth, so that way they can be completely absorbed in all things Twilight for another couple of hours. They even get a cool little booklet with stills from the movie. And don’t worry, there’s still plenty of that additional content off of each movie that is included in the monster pack. Why do you think it’s so big?

For those who are big time Twilight fans, this is definitely a Christmas present that’s come early. At least it’ll be easier to shop for that special Twilight fan in your life with the upcoming release of this set. Now watch Stephenie Meyer pull a fast one and decided that she wants to go ahead and finish writing Midnight Sun, the book that happens the same time as Twilight but from the perspective of Edward. That would mean another new movie and… let’s not think about that.

Are you going to give this Twilight set to anyone you know for Christmas?

Source: Collider