Fading Gigolo

Though he may be one of the greatest working directors and (at one time) one of the funniest men alive, Woody Allen has pulled back from acting. He used to front almost all of his movies and occasionally show up in other people’s films, but of late he hasn’t been acting much — even for himself. He only gave himself a supporting part in 2012′s To Rome with Love, and that was his first major role in six years. But John Turturro has cast him in his new movie Fading Gigolo, and Allen can still crack wise with the best of him, as evinced in this new trailer.

Allen may be the best (and perhaps only) reason to watch the film. The trailer sets up the premise of the film, which is that Turturro becomes a successful gigolo to older women with Allen his handler, and with clients like Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone. Watch:

The premise seems old hat, and the moral is likely familiar, but John Turturro as a (Fred Garvin) male prostitute could be fun to watch, but what makes the film look fun is that Allen is definitely letting it rip. It’s hard to say if the dialogue was scripted or if Woody’s just riffing, but he’s obviously having fun and it doesn’t feel forced (which is sometimes a problem with his schtick). The film will be at the Toronto International Film Festival, so if it’s any good at all, we’re sure to hear about it this fall.

Do you think Woody Allen would make for a good pimp?