It feels like ages ago when the battle for the The Tonight Show took place. Jay Leno ultimately won, but he can’t be the host forever. Soon the talk show king will step down from his The Tonight Show throne, and we only know that because they finally made it official. The days of Jay Leno dragging his feet, saying that he may retire soon and doesn’t are over.

The announcement was finally made today that Jay Leno’s last episode will air on February 6th, right before the 2014 Winter Olympics. Once he jumps ship, Jimmy Fallon will be taking the hosting spot of The Tonight Show. It doesn’t really sound all that magical only because this announcement was a long time coming. While Jay Leno may appear to be a nice guy, his days of being the supreme ruler of late night talk shows have long since passed. There’s a variety of other hosts out there for folks to enjoy, and injecting some younger blood into the hosting mix with Jimmy Fallon may be just what The Tonight Show needs to peak more interests among the mixture of demographics browsing through channels late at night.

So what will Leno do next? Who knows. There is always the strong possibility that he may continue appearing on a television show elsewhere. We could even see him host yet another talk show, proving that he won’t go into retirement anytime soon. Either way, i’ll be interesting to see what kind of move Leno makes next.

Do you think Jay Leno should retire after he finishes hosting The Tonight Show or not?

Source: Deadline