vin diesel groot guardians of the galaxy

For a year now, rumors have been floating around that Vin Diesel would join the Phase Two portion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.   Over the summer, he even used his Facebook page to tease that some kind of Marvel announcement was coming, leaving fans to speculate that he could be playing Ant-Man/ Hank Pym, Vision, or even the Thanos, the Big Bad who popped up at the end of The Avengers and who is expected to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy.

But the newest hint to hit the actor’s Facebook page (which is where he does a good deal of his communicating with fans) seems to indicated that Diesel won’t be playing any of those characters; rather, he may be playing a talking tree.

Diesel posted a caption-less image of Groot, a character from Guardians of the Galaxy, on his Facebook page over the weekend—Groot being a sentient, alien tree-creature from the franchise.  It should be noted that Groot, along with Rocket Raccoon, is one of the few characters left in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film not to have a casting announcement as of yet.  So could this mean Diesel is in talks to play the guy?  It would make sense, as Diesel’s acting style is… pretty wooden (I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, just shoot me know).

What do you think of the picture—is Diesel trying to tell us something, or just messing with us?

Source: Cinema Blend