breaking bad blood money

Look, unless you have no access to the internet and its many varied forms of social media, you’re likely more than aware that last night, AMC broadcast an episode of a television series called Breaking Bad.  This episode, entitled “Blood Money,” was the mid-season premiere for the series’ final stretch of eight episodes, and man oh man, was it ever perfect.  But seriously, you know all of that already, right?

Well, even if you’re one of the three who don’t, it may interest you to know that last night, “Blood Money” drew in the largest (and likely, most stressed-out) audience in Breaking Bad’s history, with 5.9 million viewers tuning in to find out whether or not chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin turned carwash owner Walter White would finally be caught and punished for his crimes.  And those 5.9 million viewers—which, The AV Club notes, is 102% jump from last season—got an answer to the first question, and a semi-answer to the second (that pre-credits sequence…whew!).

As The AV Club notes, last night’s numbers were based on a number of things—the cliffhanger that we’ve all been agonizing over since last year, the fact that Netflix added the first half of season five just in time for late viewers to catch up with the series, and the fact that this is the final stretch of episodes, meaning Walter White’s fate will finally be revealed.  Also, hey, maybe a lot of Star Trek fans were watching.

What did you think of the episode?