With four new releases this weekend, and way less pressure, the good news is that Elysium was able to get a little over $30 Million for the weekend, and We’re the Millers outperformed expectations. The bad news is that the kiddie films Planes and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters opened weakly.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Elysium $30,400,000 $9,257 $30,400,000
2 We’re the Millers $26,555,000 $8,146 $38,044,000
3 Planes $22,525,000 $6,085 $22,525,000
4 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters $14,600,000 $4,817 $23,457,000
5 2 Guns $11,128,000 (-58.9)
$3,675 $48,517,000
6 The Smurfs 2 $9,500,000 (-45.9) $2,457 $46,600,000
7 The Wolverine $8,000,000 (-62.5) $2,790 $111,986,000
8 The Conjuring $6,700,000 (-48.6) $2,528 $120,745,000
9 Despicable Me 2 $5,748,000 (-43.3) $2,400 $338,314,000
10 Grown Ups 2 $3,700,000 (-53.4) $1,760 $123,800,000


Though Elysium took the top slot, it opened to less than District 9, which had no stars, cost $30 Million and made $115 Million domestically. Whereas Elysium cost $115 Million and opened to $30. As Elysium is not a sequel/franchise film, it’s possible it won’t be extremely front-loaded and could get to $100 Million domestic. Competition starts to thin next week, so we could see it hang out in theaters through September. But it could also be front loaded, and a lot of people who wanted to champion the film found it lacking. I’ll split the difference and suggest it gets to around $90 Million domestic, but international should be more than enough to make it a winner. This isn’t the faceplant of After Earth or White House Down, but it’s also a little weak.

We’re the Millers seems like it could be a hit simply because it’s been a while since there’s been a comedy (Grown Ups 2 doesn’t count). Warner Brothers didn’t seem to put much effort into the release, but that may pay off as it should get to $80-$90 (possible nine digit total if word of mouth is good), and as the film cost in the $40 Million range, that’s profit.

Planes is spawning a franchise regardless, and the film was intended to go to straight to video, so a $60 Million all-in total is probably still a win for the picture. I’m sure they’re hoping for more, but this was never Disney’s favorite animated film of the year, and it didn’t get that kind of treatment. The only way to gauge if this is a total disaster is if they cancel the sequel, or send it straight to video. But it’s likely they won’t, and it’s also likely this will move a lot of Blu-rays. Such is life.

Theater Marquees:

Percy Jackson and the Audiences Who Didn’t Care.

2 Guns, No Legs

Go Smurf Yourself

At this point, nothing’s really holding, and with so many new films coming in, we’ll probably see all the big movies of the summer leave theaters shortly. It’s time to start writing Oscar stories, it seems.

Reality Check: Mainly, I went low on We’re the Millers, and a little high on Percy and 2 Guns (which I thought might hold a little better. But I was right on the nose with Planes, and it’s nice to hit a bullseye).

What did you watch this weekend?