There are some actors whose star has grown so big that they’re able to ask for a little bit of a heftier sum of money in order to appear in a random movie. It’s just one of those strange portions of the business, the kind that makes you wish you were an A-list action movie star like Bruce Willis who can demand a bigger paycheck in order to appear in some of The Expendables 3. Unfortunately for him Sylvester Stallone isn’t going to cave into his demands.

Recently we read the news that Harrison Ford would essentially be replacing Bruce Willis in the upcoming film. Not too many people cried about the absence of Bruce Willis at that point because, come on, they brought in Harrison Ford. Who knew that the actor wanted to go in there and shoot machine guns with the rest of the aging action stars? It will be pretty cool to see in theaters next year. Anyways, a few curious folk looked up to see what was going on with Bruce Willis. Why did he decide to turn down the role? Well the main factor was money, pure and simple.

Sylvester Stallone was willing to pay Bruce Willis $3 million for four days worth of work, but the actor wasn’t going to have it. He proposed a new offer: pay him $4 million (a million per day) for four day’s work. Obviously that didn’t go over too well with Stallone since he immediately turned down the offer and looked elsewhere to fill the acting void. What made it worse was Stallone’s comment on Twitter in regards to the situation:


This is why I believe nobody should hash out their frustrations to such a high degree on Twitter, especially when said person can read it/strike back at you. All it does is lead to a big fat argument and we don’t want to see Willis and Stallone fight. We would like to think they’re still some-what buddies, though at this point I’m not sure. While it stinks that we won’t see the Die Hard star popping up in the next Expendables but at least we’ll get Indiana Jones in replacement for John McClane. I’m all right with that.

Do you wish Bruce Willis was still in The Expendables 3? Why or why not?

Source: Cinema Blend