As we noted in 2012, Paramount has been planning on a Paranormal Activity 5 since last October, right after Paranormal Activity 4 was released to tepid reviews.  Such was their faith in the series, in which a California family is haunted for multiple generations by a pissy ghost who seems to have a thing for random door slamming and grabbing for attention whenever cameras are on, that Paramount even teased a Latino-based spin-off of the franchise that would involve itself in Catholicism-based supernatural happenings.

But then they came to their senses this summer and realized that the Paranormal Activity franchise is pretty boring, and PA4 didn’t exactly set the world box office on fire.  So they kicked Paranormal Activity 5 out of the franchise’s traditional October slot and into the January movie graveyard and replaced it with a Jackass movie about a grandpa.

Now, however, the fickle Paramount has announced that that while the Latino spin-off is set for January—look for Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones to drop on January 3—Paranormal Activity 5 is set to premiere on October 24, 2014.  So rest easy, PA fans.  While 2013 was pretty light on films in which an angry ghost basically stomps around a house and slams doors like a truculent teenager, you’ll get two of ‘em next year.

What do you think of the PA news?

Source: Shock Til You Drop