Spike Jonze is often a prankster with a sad heart, and his latest, Her, looks to follow the leads of his other films like Being John Malkovich and Where the Wild Things Are. Here he brings together Joaquin Phoenix, Amy AdamsRooney Mara and Scarlet Johansson for this tale of a lost man and the love of his life.

And it turns out that love is Siri. Well, not Siri, but the futuristic version of that. Johansson plays the operating system to Phoenix’s new computer, phone, etc. and as they begin talking they develop a relationship. You can only imagine what David Cronenberg would do with this “love” story. Adams plays the best friend (with her make up modeled on Cameron Diaz‘s in Malkovich), while Mara appears to be an ex. Here’s that trailer:

Her is due out November 20, and that could mean the film will try to win some Oscars, though Jonze has had only a little luck getting recognized (that said, Chris Cooper won an Oscar for his work in Adaptation, and Jonze was nominated for Malkovich). This seems to be a perfect metaphor for a lot of modern disconnect, where people can be communicating with people all the time but have no real human interactions. That said, Jonze often has problems sticking the landing, so hopefully he’s got a good ending for the film.

Have you seen Her? Can you tell me have you seen Her?