air force one harrison ford

Throughout 2012, Sylvester Stallone noted that his casting wishlist for The Expendables 3 (which included such names as Nicholas Cage as well as the hard-to-imagine Clint Eastwood) was topped off by none other than Harrison Ford.  That’s right—Han Solo and Indiana Jones himself.  And now, via Twitter, Stallone has announced that he did indeed get his wish, as well as the fact that he lost a franchise pal.

Stallone made it pretty clear in his typical, non-subtle Twitter fashion:

HARRISON FORD IN !!!! GREAT NEWS !!!!! Been waiting years for this!!!!

But while that dream has indeed come true for the actor, the tweet also prologue’d the tweet with the rather blunt note that “WILLIS OUT,” i.e., Bruce Willis, who had a cameo in the original and supporting role in the second film, would not be in the film at all.  While it’s not a major loss in terms of plot (Willis essentially would show up, hire the expendables, and disappear for the bulk of the films), Willis does form one-third of the 1980s action triad that gives the franchise its nostalgic heart, along with Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So, why did Willis bail?  We’ve got no details, but it is interesting to note that, four minutes after announcing that Ford was in and Willis was out, Stallone let loose with the following missive on Twitter:


So… did Willis get too greedy and get ousted?

Source: /Film