Donald Glover

Earlier this year it was revealed that Donald Glover‘s role in the fifth season of Community would be reduced to five appearances out of a likely thirteen episodes. With Chevy Chase unlikely to return, this made Dan Harmon‘s return to the show bittersweet. Yes, the creator was back, but now with only five of the seven original study group members. It looks like Glover is leaving for a reason. He’s got a TV show coming on FX called Atlanta.

We first saw this on The Hollywood Reporter, and they revealed that it will be a half-hour comedy program that also incorporates Atlanta, Georgia’s music scene in the mix. As Glover has been working a lot on his rap act under his stage name Childish Gambino, this seems to be where his interest lies, as he also had tried to get another similar pilot off the ground at NBC. It’s also worth noting that the title is currently tentative.

This is good news for Glover, but a little sad for Community fans as his Troy Barnes was the only consistently funny performer during the mostly botched season 4. But we’ve known this is coming for a while. Hopefully Atlanta - or whatever it’s eventually called – is great. But Glover has shown time and time again, he’s got a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

How much will you miss Troy and Abed in the morning?