Despite some rumors last April that J.J. Abrams might not wholly abandon the Star Trek franchise for the first of three upcoming Star Wars sequels, it seems that Paramount Pictures is not content to stand around and wait for Abrams to return to the franchise he helped to reboot.  Rather, the search is on for a new director for the as-yet untitled Star Trek 3, and rumor has it Paramount may have already found their man.

Jon M. Chu, who previously directed G.I Joe: Retaliation and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, is apparently at the top of the list of possible directors, according to Latino Review (via /Film).  Note that this has not yet been confirmed by Paramount.

Chu is a competent director, with plans for a third G.I. Joe film as well as a Masters of the Universe movie—however, as /Film notes, those would likely take a backseat to a third Star Trek film, which is rumored to involve a major conflict with the Klingons (what with Nero not exactly being a standout in the first film, and Khan being a pointless rehash in the second, it’s about time the lumpy-headed baddies take some real prominence).

What do you think of the Star Trek 3 news?