This weekend saw 2 Guns take the top spot, but it didn’t do so with much gusto or panache. While The Smurfs 2 also opened, and will probably be carried by international, cause domestic doesn’t care very much.


Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 2 Guns $27,361,000 $9,045 $27,361,000
2 The Wolverine $21,725,000 (-59.1%) $5,536 $95,039,000
3 The Smurfs 2 $18,200,000 $4,708 $27,761,000
4 The Conjuring $13,660,000 (-38.5%) $4,385 $108,590,000
5 Despicable Me 2 $10,391,000 (-36.7%)
$3,240 $326,668,000
6 Grown Ups 2 8,100,000 (-30.2%) $2,634 $116,400,000
7 Turbo $6,400,000 (-53.4%) $2,144 $69,479,000
8 Red 2 $5,650,000 (-39.5%) $2,051 $45,153,000
9 The Heat $4,725,000 (-31.7%) $2,278 $149,566,000
10 Pacific Rim $4,570,000 (-40.7%) $2,535 $92,961,000


2 Guns was made for a budget  that conforms to Denzel Washington‘s box office (he’s a consistent earner), so it will probably make a profit. Domestically, it will be lucky to get over $100 Million. More likely is an $80-$90 Million finish, though August could let it play long. The problem is that there are four wide releases next week, four the week after, and for August 23 there’s another three films. If it wasn’t so crowded, we might see a picture like Man of Steel limp to $300 Million, but that’s just not happening. And that also means that Pacific Rim may not have time to get to $100 Million. That though is much closer to happening.

The Wolverine will have to settle for a strong international performance and being the lowest grossing X-Men movie ever. X-Men: First Class made $146 Million, this will likely tap out around $130 or so. The Smurfs 2 had five days and couldn’t get to $30 Million. Kids films can play long, we’ll see with this one, but it’s likely not to make it to $100 Million, much less $80, but you never know.

The Conjuring is the strongest horror performer in quite some time, and is likely to get past $130 Million, making it the most successful horror films since The Ring, which had the benefit of a PG-13 rating. Though Iron Man 3 will outperform it, Despicable Me 2 has quietly won the summer with a much smaller budget, and will surely coast to a near or over $350 Million domestic total. It doesn’t look like it will get to a billion worldwide, but it could get close.

Otherwise, Red 2 will need a very strong international total to be redeemed, as with Turbo, while Grown Ups 2 is coasting well now, and may not get close to the original’s $160 Million, but could keep playing if it weathers the number of films that are coming out. $130 Million is likely, but it could get to $140 or $150 depending on hold time.

Reality Check: I went high on The Smurfs because it’s harder to get a gauge on interest in kids films. Otherwise, no complaints.

What did you watch this weekend?