Since the fall movie season is right around the corner, it makes total sense that we would find out who would end up hosting next year’s Oscars. Seth MacFarlane’s Oscar hosting received mixed reviews, so would they go ahead and rely on somebody who’s hosted once before? It looks like the Academy is definitely going to dip back into their pool of previous Oscar hosts as they select Ellen DeGeneres to take the reigns on next year’s Academy Awards.

We all know Ellen DeGeneres not only for her acting work but as the host of her highly popular daytime talk show. She’s charmed us for many years and did a pretty good job hosting the Oscars back in 2007. In a way it’s not too much of a surprise that the Academy would end up hiring her once again to host. She’s a delightful comedienne who has proven time and time again that she can host a show and keep it entertaining from start to finish.

Since audiences were exposed to a slightly edgier form of comedy at last year’s Oscars, there’s a good chance that the Academy decided to select Ellen because she’s not as raunchy. Then again she could go any which way with her comedy, so long as those in the Academy approve. Either way it’ll be an interesting show to watch, not only because of who’s hosting it, but all those contending for the coveted Oscar.

Are you excited to see that Ellen DeGeneres is hosting the Oscars again?

Source: Slashfilm