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When Zack Snyder galvanized the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con by announcing that the sequel to Man of Steel would be a Superman Vs. Batman film, he did so by having Man of Steel actor Harry Lennix read a quote from the classic Frank Miller graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns, in which Batman battles Superman.  That said, according to Miller, the announcement came as a surprise to him, as he had “no idea” the announcement was coming.

According to Cinema Blend, Miller was not in on initial plans for the film; that said, it seems that Snyder—who previously collaborated with Miller by adapting his graphic novel, 300, into a film—is being brought into the Superman Vs. Batman fold.

While Snyder has repeatedly stated that the new film will not be a direct adaptation of The Dark Knight  Returns, rather a film “inspired by” the graphic novel, the director is now going to be meeting with the writer in order to “go over the plans for the Superman film.”

That’s pretty vague—“go over plans” could mean anything from “so, are you cool with us borrowing some elements of your premise?” to “hey, tell us how to make this idea work” to “please don’t sue us, we promise it won’t be that similar.”  Whatever it is, it’s nice to know that Miller will be involved in some fashion, no?

What do you think of the Frank Miller news?