Universal has been trying to get a remake of the classic 1983 Brian De Palma film Scarface off the ground for a while now (which itself was a remake of the 1932 Howard Hawks version), and progress has been slow. But it looks like they may have their script and their director as Harry Potter helmer David Yates is circling the project.

This news comes from Deadline, who say that Universal is very high on the newest draft and are now talking to Yates about leading the production. Yates is best known for handling the Potter franchise from the fifth film until the film’s conclusion, and has been circling a number of A-list projects, but has yet to settle on one. He would make for a very “outside the box” choice, unless you consider Lord Voldemort a gangster, but there’s no new Martin Scorsese or Francis Ford Coppola in cinema right now, to say very little for a new Brian De Palma.

Word has been that they’re striving for more authenticity with the new film, which means it will probably ditch all the things the 1983 film took from the original (the sister, for instance), which is why this will reflect more of the Al Pacino film. But let’s face fact, the only reason this is happening is because people wear Tony Montana T-shirts.

Who would you want to see lead this remake?