This week, Franklin and Bash went a little overboard. Between the supposed murder and a guy whose alias turns out to be Meteorite Man, “Out Of the Blue” was random all-around. But hey, the boys went bowling, and that was a treat for us and them.

The Players:

  • Director: Jeff Bleckner
  • Writer: Bill Krebs
  • Cast: Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Breckin Meyer, Heather Locklear, Malcolm McDowell, Tricia Helfer, Reed Diamond, Kumail Nanjiani

Episode Title: “Out of the Blue”

Rachel orders Peter and Jared to court a client whose business was struck by a priceless meteorite. Once the government tries to seize the artifact, the boys’ legal maneuvering steers their client toward his Indian ancestry in an effort to save it. Meanwhile, Infeld defends Damien for the murder of a judge, subsequently revealing a few secrets of his own about that fateful day.

The Good:

  • Defending Damien: Peter and Jared showed us how they really feel about Damien in this episode. They really care about him. The trio has developed a strange, brotherly relationship that only they can understand. When Damien’s charged with the murder of Judge Henry Dinsdale, the boys beg Rachel to let them take the case. They wanted to see their friend/partner through his difficult time, and that they did.
  • Gone Bowling: The boys go bowling. They have fun, reference The Big Lebowski and catch a big fish (client). It was good stuff.

The So-So:

  • Meteorite Madness: Rachel sends the boys after Meteorite Man, a down on his luck guy who catches a break when a meteorite comes crashing through his window. But people want what he has, and that’s where the boys come in. There were a few fun sides to this case, like watching Jared and Peter stand before an Indian American council and make complete fools of themselves. But overall, they seemed unexcited about the whole thing, which made us feel the same way.
  • Charlie and Peter Are Done?: Even though we saw Peter go the extra mile last week to win Charlie’s heart (recall him taking her to court?), it looks like they’re officially done. Peter told Jared that he’s back in the game. While we’re thrilled about it, we’re also confused. When did the break up happen exactly? And why wasn’t it shown on the show?


“Out Of The Blue” was mediocre. Though we appreciate all the brotherly romances, the cases will only be as good as the boy’s want them to be. If Peter and Jared aren’t having fun, then we’re not either.

Rating: 6/10

Franklin and Bash airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on TNT.

What did you think of last night’s episode?