This isn’t a great week for new releases, but G.I. Joe: Retaliation is hitting the small screen, while Criterion has a great Guillermo del Toro film, and there’s some other hidden gems.


  • Banshee: The Complete First Season, Star Trek: The Next Generation – Redemption,  Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season 4: The latest Television features a not that buzzed about pay cable show, and some TNG. I’m really impressed with Paramount’s work and decision to release all of The Next Generation on Blu-ray, though obviously it’s because of the rabid fanbase.
  • Black Rock: The film was directed by Katie Aselton, and she came up with the story, while her husband Mark Duplass wrote the script. It stars Aselton, Lake Bell and Kate Bosworth in a camping trip gone bad. I’m sort of curious to see this film, especially after reading this interview.
  • G.I. Joe: Retaliation: This film turned out not to be a disaster, so that’s a win. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson leads the cast in a story where people shoot at each other, and there’s a global conspiracy and ninjas fight. Really, who goes to a film like this for the story?
  • Twixt: Francis Ford Coppola is one of the greatest directors ever, and this has been hailed as his worst movie. Which definitely makes it worth checking out. Val Kilmer stars as a writer and then there’s some supernatural stuff. It sounds like a fiasco, which maybe makes it a must see.


  •  Bullfighter and the Lady Fire Maidens of Outer Space God’s Little Acre, That Touch of Mink: The latest from Oliver films offers a couple nuggets.
  • Bus Stop, Love Me Tender, Niagara: 60th Anniversary Edition: Though most of Marilyn Monroe’s biggest movies hit Blu-ray a couple months ago, two more have been remastered and released, and now one of Elvis Presley’s movies as well.
  • The Devil’s Backbone: In contention for Guillermo del Toro’s best film, The Devil’s Backbone finds the director working with all his favorite themes in this ghost story. And this Criterion release is surely a must have.
  • Fernando Di Leo: The Italian Crime Collection Volume 2: The first box set was filled with awesome gems, and so this is definitely one to seek out. Quentin Tarantino is a big fan (no surprise) of the filmmaker.
  • Foolish Wives: This appears to be the first Erich von Stroheim film on Blu-ray, and if you haven’t seen his films here’s a good place to start.
  • The Incredible Melting Man: An exploitation film from the 1970’s that achieved fame partly for its effects, and partly because of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and their ilk finding it pretty mockable is now in glorious 1080p HD.
  • Peggy Sue Got Married: With Twixt available, here’s another solid but maybe not great film from Coppola. Kathleen Turner stars as the titular Peggy, who gets to go back in time to see her failings and her future husband through the perspective of middle age. It’s a great conceit, and an okay movie with a fun performance from Nicolas Cage.

What are you picking up this week?