Last night, the inevitable happened on Under The Dome. The people of Chester’s Mill finally experienced the harsh reality of their situation when essential resources began to drain. “The Endless Thirst” showed us a different side to this generally calm community and boy was it entertaining to see.

The Players:

  • Director: Kari Skogland
  • Writer: Soo Hugh
  • Cast: Mike Vogel, Aisha Hinds, Dean Norris, Colin Ford, Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Britt Robertson, Alexander Koch and Nicholas Strong

Episode Title: “The Endless Thirst”

As the town’s water supply dwindles, people start to fight for the remaining resources. Meanwhile, Julia uncovers a strange connection that two Chester’s Mill residents have with the dome.

The Good:

  • The Panic: Finally there’s panic. Sure people got a riled up during the meningitis outbreak, but not like this. Riots? Who would’ve thought that the Under The Dome writers had it in them (especially after last week’s weak episode)? Once the water and food begins to dwindle, the people of Chester’s Mill break into stores, stealing and fighting amongst each other. This is how you’d expect them to act in this type of situation, not behave like civilized citizens.
  • Deal With The Devil: Now that Angie’s a free woman, she’s a problem for Big Jim. He might be a slimy murderer, but he’s no kidnapper. He knows that his son did something wrong when he put her in that bunker. But he’s conflicted, and we get why. He wants to be the leader of Chester’s Mill, but if news breaks that his only son was keeping a young woman against her will, that will be a problem. So Big Jim offers Angie the only thing he knows he can at a time like this – protection. Protection in exchange for silence. This whole idea of buying people who stand in your way is as ancient as the Egyptian tombs; it’s interesting to see this reality develop on a popular TV show. This is how politics work in the real world, and Under The Dome is putting it out there.

The Bad:

  • New Villain: Now that Reverend Lester Coggins is dead, the show needs a new bad guy to bump heads with Big Jim (not really though). So who is this Ollie who’s trying to hog all the town’s water? Well, if you don’t remember him too well, allow us to refresh your memory. He’s the guy who bashed Carolyn and Alice for being a same-sex couple at Rose’s local cafe a few episode back. But now he’s here again, as the schmuck who’s going to make Big Jim’s life more difficult. We already have one scumbag leading the town, do we really need another?


Things finally got interesting on Under The Dome. It took a handful of episodes, but we’re seeing some serious themes now. The people of Chester’s Mill are beginning to panic, and the rain might’ve calmed them down for a while, but whose to say this won’t happen again. With a second season in the works, it looks like they’re in it for the long haul. The writers better make every episode count. “The Endless Thirst” was a step in the right direction.

Rating: 8/10

Under The Dome airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on CBS.


What did you think of last night’s episode?