The cast and crew of Once Upon a Time appeared at Comic-Con to discuss their fairytale futures. Key players Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin and Robert Carlyle as well as creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis spilled the magic beans on what’s to come (i.e. Neverland).

Jennifer Morrison on the characters moving on to a different chapter and land:

Jennifer Morrison: Season 2 was very much the idea of ‘We are both.’ This idea that they were part of their first selves, part of their original selves and I think Season 3 is a real journey to self-identity because Neverland is gonna force us all to deal with our pasts. It’s going to force us to deal with our emotions and our relationships when you sort of deepen those things you end up taking a look at yourself. There are gonna be decisions made for every character for ‘who are we truly’ so instead of ‘we are both’ ‘we were once’ it’s ‘who are we truly’ so I think this seasons is a real season of self-identity for everyone.

On whether Emma and Captain Hook will get romantic on their journey to find her son:

Jennifer Morrison: I think if there becomes a connection between her and Hook it’s gonna be over him helping find Henry. Emma is not on the Jolly Roger thinking about romance. Even though she should be cause she’s been lonely for a long time. She’s not. She’s there to save her son, she’s already gone through losing him once. She is not going to go through it again. And she certainly doesn’t want it to be her fault if she loses him again. She really will do whatever it takes.

Ginnifer Goodwin on Snow White’s struggle and coming to terms with killing Cora last season:

Ginnifer Goodwin: We know in the story of Peter Pan, belief is tantamount to magic making even on a very surface level we’re addressing that. Snow’s personal journey this season, I believe, is going to be about more belief in herself and understanding who she is now she understand she is not as definable as she once thought she was — that she is capable as just as much evil as the Evil Queen. It certainly means Snow White’s gonna have to reconcile the two disparate parts of herself to be useful to everyone else in this world.

Goodwin on the creative license Kitsis and Horowitz have taken by making them multiple fairytale icons.

Ginnifer Goodwin: Sometimes the overlaps are glorious. I love all the various parts that Robert Carlyle has gotten to play in terms of Rumpelstiltskin also being the Beast. Why not? There’s nothing in those stories that doesn’t justify that. It seems like it could have been a story loophole. A fairytale loophole. It totally works. I’m jealous of it as well. I hope the rest of us get to find out—I don’t know—is Tinkerbell as well. I can tell you that’s probably not gonna happen.

Robert Carlyle talks about how Mr. Gold may have misled the crew about his interest in finding Henry:

Robert Carlyle: Tricks as usual.When it comes to Gold you’ve got to be very, very careful, listen very carefully to what he says. In Episode 22 in Season 2, it seems as though he was saying, ‘I’ll help. We’ll all get together. We’ll go on this mission to Neverland.’ But did he say that? In fact, he didn’t say that. So when you join them on that boat you very quickly understand that Gold/Rumple is very much on his own mission.


On why he thinks Mr.Gold begins to struggle with the good and evil with being “The Dark One” and what he really wants:

Robert Carlyle: I think in his heart of hearts he would want to be with Belle. You know, Belle is the moral center of Rumple’s whole life. The further he gets away from her the more evil and complicated he becomes. The closer he gets to her the more forgiving he is. Whenever she is close, there is hope for him, whenever she is far away there is less hope for him.

Horowitz on what season three will encompass and their trip to Neverland:

Adam Horowitz: This season is about belief. The first 11 [episodes]. We’re doing it kind of in a model of two separate seasons, so we’re running 11 together. It’s a lot about belief and I think it’s a big thing because belief means something to everyone. And I think if we can remember about Neverland, it runs on belief. You need to believe to see Tinkerbell, you need to believe in magic to return to Neverland.

Kitsis tells us the answers to some of the questions OUAT fans will be asking all summer:

Edward Kitsis: You’re going to find out who Peter Pan is, who home office is. We are going to find out more about Neal and his journey. Those are some of the big answers.

As far as what new character’s to expect, creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis drop some major names that will be joining the regulars.

Adam Horowitz: We are going to be seeing Tinkerbell, we are going to be seeing Ariel. And Peter Pan who we have yet to meet.

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday September 29 on ABC.