Perhaps there was a risk when CBS premiered Under the Dome this summer as an event program, but the show opened big and has held on to much of that audience, even though many have complained about how boring and repetitive it became. Perhaps some of those viewers will be back for Season 2, which CBS officially greenlit today, because Stephen King is set to write the second season opener.

The news of King’s involvement came out of the TCAs, where CBS is making some of their bigger announcements for the fall season. Under the Dome was planned as a thirteen episode summer event show, but proved to be exceptionally popular, which makes a second season no surprise. But the big thing is that CBS is decidedly using the cable model of shorter seasons. Where most network programming would normally be re-runs or reality television, this was a big network win against lighter competition, and could lead the way to the big five rethinking their summer seasons, or seasons in general. It’s possible we could see more 13 episode seasons than the standard 22 or so in the near future, and more seasonal based schedules over the more school schedule of a normal season (off for summers and holidays).

The other question is how turned off are the people who liked the first episode but then got progressively more annoyed, and may still be hate-watching, but probably gave up? Would/will they come back? Then again, a lot of people seemingly groused about The Walking Dead, and that’s done okay without them. We’ll see next summer when Under the Dome returns, but for now, the show is only halfway done with its first season.

Are you watching Under the Dome?