Drop Dead Diva’s finally started to cash in on some of the dramatic opportunities it set up earlier this season. In this week’s “Fool for Love,” Jane’s struggle to decide between Grayson and Owen, Stacey’s decision to become a mom and Kim’s own impending motherhood all come to ahead.

The Players:

  • Director:Michael Grossman
  • Writer: Steven Lichtman
  • Cast: Brooke Elliott, Jackson Hurst, Kate Levering and April Bowlby

Episode Title: “Fool for Love”

Stacey has a theory about love: All you need is a touch to know. She encourages Jane to find a middle school-esque excuse to brush up against Owen, promising her that sparks will fly if there’s still something there. Meanwhile, Jane has similar advice for Stacey when it comes to choosing her sperm donor. When she’s found the right guy, she’ll just know. Both women’s advice turns out to be pretty sound, but neither in a way they thought.

The Good:

  • Rule of Touch: Even though Jane spends much of the episode trying to find an excuse to brush up against Owen, she actually has an accidental encounter with kind-of-ex-fiance Grayson. Sparks fly with the latter – literally, they seem to think there was a static shock involved – but not with the former.
  • Stacey Finds Her Ideal Donor: Stacey spends the episode trying to find a sperm donor she knows in real life, starting with her pool of ex-boyfriends. When that well runs dry, she turns to the mousey bailiff who pursued Jane. In a pivotal moment, Jane announces that she’s okay with Stacey propositioning her ex-suitors for sperm. Later, after all the men fail to meet Stacey’s standards, she’s hit by an epiphany about one who does: Owen. When she breaks the news to Jane that she plans to ask him, we see the kindling of the girls’ first big fight as Jane simply stands up silently and walks away.
  • Bamboozled Professor: Jane’s big case of the week (with Owen, of course), involves a college professor who was flagged at the airport as a drug mule. He knew nothing of the meth that was packed in the bag, but things get more complicated as it becomes clear that he’s never met his supposed model girlfriend and she doesn’t exist at all. How can we be so sure? Her picture is one of Deb. The moment is surreal for Jane, but with Grayson’s help, she’s able to track down the original photo and crack the case (which borders on convoluted).

The Bad:

  • An Easter Egg Saves the Day: Kim’s court case, representing the girlfriend of a deceased video game mogul in a dispute with his parents over his estate, is solved in Diva’s least believable way yet. The dead man’s intent for his estate is established thanks to a mushy Easter Egg on level 100 of his World of Warcraft-esque game.


Drop Dead Diva‘s strength in recent weeks has been in the courtroom, but in this episode marked a major shift. The plot began to focus more on the personal relationships and tough decisions the characters are faced with. Staceys’ sperm donor decision was the most dramatic and captivating moment of season – especially if she goes through with it.

Rating: 9/10

Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime

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