Easy A

The To Do List, which opens this weekend, puts a twist on the teen sex comedy by sharing a perspective that few films have before – the female one. Instead of telling the tired-old story of teen boys trying to lose their virginity, writer/director Maggie Carey focuses on a goody-two-shoes girl named Brandy Klark (played by Aubrey Plaza), who sets out to become more sexually experienced before starting college. The female point-of-view is seldom explored in this genre, but surprisingly enough, it has been done before (a few times). We set out to find the top 5 female sex comedies, and we found them!

5. Slums Of Beverly Hills


In 1998, writer/director Tamara Jenkins put her own spin on the typical 90′s teen movie when she debuted Slums of Beverly Hills. The film followed Vivian Abromowitz (Natasha Lyonne), a poor and awkward teenager living in the outskirts of Beverly Hills with her divorced father (Alan Arkin) and two brothers (David Krumholtz and Eli Marienthal). Though the film has a lot of layers to it, Jenkins bravely explores the sexual frustrations of a big-breasted teenage girl, who just wants to get rid of her virginity. There’s plenty of sex and comedy in Slums of Beverly Hill, as well as great performances.

4. Earth Girls Are Easy


Earth Girls Are Easy isn’t particularly great, but it is quite memorable and foolishly entertaining. Geena Davis plays Valerie, a California girl living in the Valley with a cheating fiance, Dr. Ted Gallagher (Charles Rocket). Her life takes an unexpected turn when a spaceship, carrying three horny aliens (Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey, and Damon Wayans), crash-lands in her pool. Yes, the story is ridiculous, the characters are extremely stupid and the set design is a burst of rainbows, but that’s all part of its charm.

3. Fast Times At Ridgemont High


Alright so Fast Times At Ridgemont High is not explicitly a female sex comedy, but then again, the film doesn’t really have a main character. Amy Heckerling‘s debut (adapted from a book by Cameron Crowe) follows a group of California teenagers who like to hang out at malls, listen to rock n’ roll and daydream about sex. While the film will always be remembered, mainly, for Sean Penn‘s role as an airhead stoner (or was it Phoebe Cates in a red bikini?), Jennifer Jason Leigh is perfect as the sex-starved Stacy.

2. 10 Things I Hate About You


10 Things I Hate About You is a bit mild on the sex front, but there’s a picture of a penis so hey! Listen, girls and boys are different (everyone knows that), but 10 Things I Hate About You understands that fact better than most teen comedies. Here you have a unique, angry girl (Julia Stiles) who once succumbed to sexual peer-pressure, but now totally rejects doing what everyone else does; and also another younger, bubbly girl (Larisa Oleynik) who’s dying to go on a date with a guy. These girls share the same father (Larry Miller), a gynecologist who warns them against the dangers of teenage sex. This movie offers a refreshing take on a genre that’s usually filled with raunch and vulgarity. It’s wholesome and sweet, minus the part with the penis.

1. Easy A


Emma Stone parades around like a high-class call girl in Easy A, and honestly, what could be better than that? The films follows a wholesome teen girl named Olive who agrees to have fake sex with a bunch of geeky, nerdy and sometimes gay boys at her high school, to save them them from feeling humiliated. Once people start to negatively react to her “easiness,” Olive starts to play the part by dressing provocatively and sewing an ‘A’ unto her clothing. Stone gives a terrific, breakout performance, but Will Gluck also deserves much recognition for his modern take on The Scarlet Letter. Easy A has comedy, heart and brains. It’s the whole damn package.

Honorary Mention: Clueless


How could we not include Clueless? The movie is one of the most popular teen comedies of the 90′s after all. And sex is definitely a big part of the film. Alicia Silverstone‘s Cher is desperate about surrendering her virtue. She makes a lot of silly mistakes, and spends most of the time depressed about boys (she’s a teen girl after all). As far as high school teen sex comedies go, Clueless is one of the greats.

What are some other female sex comedies?