the butterfly effect

Look, Hollywood, we get it—as our own Damon Houx mused yesterday, things haven’t exactly been going your way this year.  And so, you’ve begun to lean heavily on remaking popular and established titles in an effort to grab larger audiences.  I mean, c’mon, you’re even remaking Bloodsport.  But, seriously, Hollywood—The Butterfly Effect?  An Ashton Kutcher film that isn’t even 10 years old?

Yes, The Butterfly Effect (a.k.a., the movie where Ashton Kutcher moves back and forth in time, changing events and—because this always happens—consistently making things worse in the present and the future by doing so) is getting a remake by Benderspink and Film Engine.  Why?  Well, back in 2004, the $13 million film managed to make almost $100 million worth of box office receipts, and even inspired a handful of increasingly terrible direct-to-DVD sequels.  So, math-wise, it makes sense.  But can there really be a large enough built-in audience for this title to make a remake, only nine years later, a success.  Obviously Eric Bress (co-director and co-writer of the original, who is now currently scripting the remake) thinks so.  The rest of humanity?  We’re guessing, not so much.

What do you think of The Butterfly Effect news?

Source: /Film