romeo and juliet

Given how incredibly dull and overstuffed it was, it’s entirely possible that you’ve forgotten the trailer for the new Romeo & Juliet that we posted back in April.  Starring Hailee Steinfeld, Douglas Booth, Paul Giamatti, Stellan Skarsgard and Kodi Smit McPhee, the original trailer offered up a stuff Cliff’s Notes version of the immortal and beloved William Shakespeare play in just under three minutes.  The new trailer, while not exactly a homerun, is far better—though it’s clearly aimed at the Young Adult teen set.

MTV (via /Film) released the new trailer, which gives you an idea at who the new film is aimed at.  Featuring some modern pop tunes and a heavy emphasis on melodrama, the trailer could play well with a market that is desperately longing for a Twilight equivalent this fall, marketing the film as it does as “the most DANGEROUS love story ever told.”  Dig it:

If that did anything for you (and if you’re 15, it might), then you’ll be happy to know that the film is finally set for a U.S. release of October 11.  And so what if it’s being marketed as more of a teen film—if this gets some kids into Shakespeare, that’s not a bad thing, we suppose.

What do you think of the trailer?