Quick question: Is there any definitive proof Godzilla is a male? Discounting the Roland Emmerich 1998 film/fiasco, is the default “he” setting sexist? We know Godz had a son, because there was a movie about it, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be the mother. Whatever sex he or she is, if they get a sequel, it sounds like it’s going to involve going up against a number of other monsters.

Gareth Edwards has been making the publicity rounds because of Comic-Con, and so he’s been talking about the movie, which inevitably led to comments about what might happen if there’s a follow up. Talking to Screen Rant, Edwards had this to say

“With the exception of the 1954 original, I would say my second favorite film is Destroy All Monsters. I just love the idea of a monster island. Having a world with these creatures in it. I find that fascinating and would like to treat that realistically. I wouldn’t want to limit it to one other foe, I think it’s more fun to – this question will come back to haunt me if we ever do a sequel – but I think multiple creatures make better movies in terms of the image of Gojira.”

This bring up two things. First is that it’s likely that Edwards and company have been working together with the goal of making a great movie, but have also likely built in things that can lead to sequels. That’s just the business we’re in nowadays, and it’s not like there haven’t been Godzilla sequels before. The other big question is if Pacific Rim proved that American audiences don’t give as much of a crap about giant monsters as the Japanese do, and that they should just plan for a one-off.

Godzilla, which stars Aaron Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston, will be in theaters theaters May 16, 2014.

What Godzilla foe would you like to see in a sequel?