Last week, we announced that ScreenCrave would be giving away $50 in movie tickets (via movie ticketing site MovieTickets.com), plus a DVD/Blu-Ray of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Readers were asked to tell their earliest memories of Logan. (Did they discover him in a comic, cartoon or film?) Now, it pleases us to announce that we’ve found our winner!

After much consideration, ScreenCrave has selected Lord Elric as our winner. Elric discovered the mutant in Wolverine #1, while looking for a horror magazine at his local comic book shop. Here’s Elric’s entry answer to our contest:

Walked into the local comic book shop one day to pick up my monthly horror magazine. I saw this big picture of a pretty cool looking guy with what looked like a metallic middle finger raised and an expression that said “Try me, pal!!” I’m thinking to myself “is he a villain or just a badass?” I picked up Wolverine #1 and loved the crazy canuck with the claws from hell and never say die attitude right then and there. In a series, X-Men, with people with incredible powers, it’s amazing that a guy who’s powers all lie within his physicality continues to amaze and entertain, to this day.

Elric will be getting $50 in movie tickets, plus the Blu-Ray/DVD of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Congrats to Elric, and thanks to everyone who participated in the contest!

Logan will return to the screen in The Wolverine, which hits theaters Friday, July 26, 2013.

Will you be seeing The Wolverine?