The famous Mary Shelly novel has been transformed into a film time after time again. It appears as if we’ll be getting another dose of Victor Frankenstein and his creation through another interpretation of the literary classic Frankenstein helmed by director Paul McGuigan. One of the cooler differences this time around is who we’ll have as Victor Frankenstein, which the production has found in actor James McAvoy.

In a way James McAvoy is a perfect choice to play the tormented creator whose invention, and in some ways extension of himself, causes such torment in the town he resides in. Throughout the years McAvoy has proved himself to be a versatile actor with his selection of intriguing roles between AtonenmentThe Last King of Scotland and Trance, just to name a few. He’ll be acting alongside Daniel Radcliffe who’s to play his assistant Igor. If this is the way the cast is shaping up so far, I’m completely in with seeing this movie when it comes out in theaters. At the same time I’m very curious to see who else they manage to bring onboard. If this is who they have so far, who else could they have in the production?

This version of the literary classic was written for the screen by Max Landis, the same guy who wrote Chronicle. There’s currently no word on when filming will begin for Frankenstein.

Are you interested in seeing this version of Frankenstein?

Source: Coming Soon!