Psych is one of those shows that will have you hooked after one episode. We know because it happened to us. The series is a cool combination of humor and crime-solving rolled into one. Psych is nearing its eighth season, and it’s as popular as ever. In some ways you can describe it as a hyperactive kid that gradually downs spoonfuls of sugar each year. The show’s comedy and homages have continued to evolve, finally reaching its pinnacle (for the time being) with the upcoming Psych: The Musical.The musical was phenomenal and the dancing was great. Can you talk about filming the tango with Lassiter?

James Roday: Timothy [Omundson] and I have been wanting to get that close to each other for a very long time. The fact that it gave us an outlet for all of that suppressed homoeroticism, we just kind of exploded together. There wasn’t even any real choreography. It was just hold hands and feel it, and that’s just what we did.

What would be the legal ramifications if the public found out Shawn isn’t a real psychic? Do you think that would get criminals released? Do you think he’d get in some kind of trouble?

James Roday: You know I’m not entirely sure how the system works. I think every criminal gets put behind bars on Psych is technically put behind bars by the police department, so I think it probably…

Dulé Hill: They confess. We don’t plant any evidence on them or anything. I guess if it came up that we did our searches without a warrant, that would be bad because we definitely do skip over the search warrant thing.

James Roday: But we’re not cops. Who cares what private detectives are doing.

What’s your favorite moment from Psych: The Musical?

Dulé Hill: For me it’s the opening number, because it really was like Psych: The Musical. Shawn singing it and then me coming along to sing with him, how we worked with Corbin dancing behind us. Even the funny stuff that was happening in the background, that really encapsulated Psych for me.

When it comes to this musical, was it much of a surprise when they first pitched it to you?

Kristen Nelson: No. They’ve been talking about the musical episode since the pilot. They’ve been trying to just figure out when to put it in and see if we have enough time to write the music and actually make it happen. It was the right time. They finally had enough time to write down the music, the network was on-board and we’ve all been on-board since the beginning. So no, it wasn’t a surprise. We were just waiting. We were anxiously waiting so yay!

Maybe it’ll achieve enough fandom like Buffy: The Musical has here at Comic-Con. They always play it at the end of the convention.

Kristen Nelson: Do they really? The musical episode? I didn’t know that. And I thought that Buffy’s musical episode was perfect for that show. That it made so much sense in the order of their world, so I was a fan of that one.

How was it actually filming the episode?

Corbin Bersen: I say four words in it. I didn’t sing at all. It’s just the way that it all played out. I guess Henry isn’t much of a singer. Not going to happen.

Kristen Nelson: I had a lot of fun, sorry, but the whole process was pretty cool because we got to go to the recording studios. We were at Capitol Records at one point, so that was just a really amazing, iconic building where Frank Sinatra had also recorded before us. The pictures lining the walls… Because we knew we were part of something a little bit bigger than just a normal episode. So we recorded all the songs in the studio and would play back when we were actually shooting it. It was fun. I think the crew was surprised because they started to hear our voices with an orchestration behind it and they were like, ‘Damn, is that really you guys? Wow.’ So everybody was really excited.


To go off the musical for a second, first of all, I miss your mom [Jeanne Cooper] greatly and I’m sorry for your loss. In the eight seasons of Psych, who’s the best guest star you’ve had on the show? Is there somebody you wish could be on that hasn’t been?

Corbin Bersen: I wanted my mom to be on the show, because she’s sort of been on everything. She’s been on L.A. Law, she’s done everything that I’ve been a part of, every long-term thing. I always wanted her to but you can only pound on the door and offer it up so much.

Kristen Nelson: Is there someone you liked on the show? Who was your favorite guest star?

Corbin Bersen: Malcolm McDowell who was funny, that was fun to see. Tim Curry. These are guys I go back with a bit.

Kristen Nelson: I loved when William Shatner, when he was there. He was Mr. Shatner to me. He was on the set and he’s William Shatner, but he was so nice. He was so ready to play with us when he did the chest bump to James, that was pretty amazing. I know they wished they could have gotten Emilio Estevez, just to kind of round out the whole Brat Pack of guest stars that we’ve had. I still would have loved Hugh Laurie, because they still have never met my husband, and they were bounding around that for a long time. That would’ve been fun.

Timothy, how was your filming experience?

Timothy Omundson: You know I’ve never done a musical since high school. I’ve always wanted to do one again and it really was incredibly satisfying. We were talking about doing this for so long, and the incredible part was how talented all these people are on the show. Everyday it was like, ‘I didn’t know you could sing!’ I knew we could all sing but everbody could sing.

Maggie Lawson: It was surprising for ourselves. It was fun.

Will there be any special guest stars we’ll be seeing this coming season?

Maggie Lawson: It’s definitely a surprise.

Timothy Omundson: Yes. We get to meet some relatives that we never expected, so it’s fun.

Last season, we got a bit of a happy ending for Lassiter. So what’s next for him? 

Maggie Lawson: A lot of things have changed to Lassiter directly and Lassiter emotionally.

Timothy Omundson: We get to see sides of Lassiter that you didn’t know existed let alone you thought he had.

What are you looking forward to in your character?

Maggie Lawson: After the relationship stuff in Season 7 and the big reveal from Shawn, we sort of go into Season 8 like there’s a heaviness, there’s a reality. There’s a lot of stuff that we have to work through so it’s very relationshipy in that we get into that a lot. We have to be adults in a relationship, which is new especially for Shawn. It’s a crazy year. Season 8 is crazy.

Psych: The Musical will air December 15 on USA.