47 Ronin

47 Ronin was originally scheduled for release in November of 2012. Then it got bumped to February, 2013, and now it’s scheduled for December 25, 2013. But the good news for this troubled production (much like with World War Z), is that it never made public its intent to come out. Theaters weren’t covered in posters, there weren’t trailers selling a film that wouldn’t be seen for over a year. Today marks the release of the first trailer for the Keanu Reeves film and it looks… goofy.

The trailer sets up the narrative. Reeves is a half-blood outsider who is beaten and made a slave until he escapes, probably becomes super-awesome in either swordplay or magic or both, and then comes to band with 47 master-less samurai (also known as ronin) who he then must lead to victory over the bad guys, but also over monsters? Wicked witches? Not totally sure, here’s the trailer:

The premise sounds very men on a mission, much like the original Seven Samurai, but the execution here seems way more Snow White and the Huntsman. It also seems to be about destiny and fate, and there’s likely a love story in here somewhere too. Look, the movie could be entertaining, but this looks like a parody trailer from Tropic Thunder. Maybe it’s better than all that, and it does have Pacific Rim‘s Rinko Kikuchi, but we can see why Universal delayed this one, that’s for sure. 47 Ronin is coming to theaters this Christmas.