Topher Grace, Danny McBride

It’s a big day for casting news as Topher Grace has joined Christopher Nolan‘s next big film Interstellar, while Danny McBride has signed up to be a part of Cameron Crowe‘s next movie with Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, and Emma Stone.

The bigger news seems to be the Grace casting in that Topher has been in and out of big screen movies since he led That 70′s Show for much of its eight year run. He’s had roles in big summer movies like Spider-Man 3 and in Predators, but nothing has really clicked with the actor. Being a part of the Nolan fold could finally break him out of whatever typecasting he’s fallen into, as it worked wonders for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, though his star was already rising. This news comes from Deadline, and he’ll be joined in the picture by Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Michael Caine.

But, depending on the part, McBride’s turn could be just as important. Best known for his role as Kenny Powers on HBO’s Eastbound and Down, McBride is often playing a similar comic archtype, and as the Crowe film is likely a romantic comedy, it either means he’ll get a different kind of character or get a different kind of exposure. One doubts that Stone or McAdams will be his love interest, but you never know. That film is currently untitled, and this news comes from The Wrap. Both film are likely to start shooting shortly.

Do you think this is a turning point in the career of Topher Grace?