Trance – James McAvoy

It’s another off week for DVD and Blu-ray releases, but Danny Boyle’s latest hit the small screen this week and Criterion and Shout Factory have some winners coming out.


  • Trance: Though the critical community didn’t warm up to Boyle’s picture, and a lot of the press or interest in this movie seemed to focus on Rosario Dawson’s full frontal nude scenes (and it seems that Dawson has no drapes if you follow), but this is the sort of film that could find a greater audience on home video because of perverts.
  • Welcome to the Punch: It’s a James McAvoy kind of week as he stars in this and Trance. Punch opened in England, and may have played a little stateside, but even with Ridley Scott producing, it disappeared. Oh well.


  • The 300 Spartans: Though Zack Snyder’s 300 was exactly a remake of this 1962 Rudolph Mate film, he wasn’t the first one to film the story of King Leonidas either. Likely this is being released to take advantage of shoppers not paying attention, but it is cool it’s getting the Blu-ray treatment.
  • Babette’s Feast, The Ice Storm: If you didn’t know, Barnes and Noble is having a 50% off sale on all Criterion releases, so you should probably buy these through them. The Ice Storm is a masterpiece, if a little heavy handed near the end.
  • The Fog: Collector’s Edition: John Carpenter’s The Fog came after his tremendous success with Halloween, and so he didn’t know whether to make a ghost story or a ghost story that was also something of a slasher film. Which is why the movie is partly confused about tone. It’s a very watchable film, but it’s more fascinating than great. And I’m totally going to buy it (again).

What are you picking up this week?