Over the Comic-Con weekend, ScreenCrave spoke with actor Dane DeHaan (Chronicle) to talk about his role as Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2He revealed how he plans to modernize the character so he represents more of his generation. Osborn was last portrayed by James Franco (Spider-Man 3) as a yuppie of sorts. So what’s Dane’s take on the rich kid? He’s a hipster!

Tell us about your approach to Harry Osborn. How does our present day reflect the acting choices you’ve made?

Dane DeHaan: It had a lot to do with it, honestly, because these movies are taking Spider-Man and putting him in the modern day. Harry’s like this trust fund baby that grew up in New York City and I know people like that. They’re not like businessmen in three piece suits with slicked back hair anymore. They’re like hipsters that party all the time and use their wealth to hide their actual problems. I think that hipster edginess and his wealth have a lot to do or weighs into with his character.

What direction will the film go in regards to Harry’s relationship with his father and Peter?

Dane DeHaan: In this version of the movie, Harry and Peter were childhood friends and then Harry was sent off to boarding school. Now, they’ve graduated high school and Harry’s coming back home for the first time in a long time. [He's] reconciling his relationship with Peter and also doing that in a lot of ways through the complicated relationships with their fathers. So definitely the father-son dynamic comes into play.

Would you say his relationship with Peter would be one if not the only close relationship he has?

Dane DeHaan: Yeah, I think that Peter is probably the only person that Harry has felt like he could ever truly trust. They havent seen each other in so long. He’s back and I think he feels like he can’t really trust anyone but when they see each other, they remember and it’s like ‘Wow, it’s so weird we haven’t seen each other in five years but I feel like no time has passed.’

How did you and Andrew go about developing that sort of relationship before shooting?

Dane DeHaan: Actually, we didn’t spend a lot of time together, because we both had very different schedules. But we both came to this project with definitely a mutual respect for one another and we would text message each other a lot because we weren’t at the same place at the same time. Then when it all started, we started spending more time together. I think we both have a mutual respect for one another and both really trust each other. For me, personally, it wasn’t hard to make him my friend.

As far as Amazing Spider-Man 2, what is Harry’s role in Peter’s life? Can you say whether he actually encounters Spider-Man?

Dane DeHaan: It’s like Harry really dealing with his relationship with Peter. Spider-Man exists in the world I live in. I [don't] think that I can’t really answer that.

Okay, we’re at Comic-Con what are some of the things you’re excited about or excited to see?

Dane DeHaan: Well I’m here with another movie too, this movie I did with Metallica [Through the Never]–that’s exciting! It’s a shame though cause I just came from a night shoot and then I’m doing this and then I’m heading off to another night shoot. I’m on like this 36 hour marathon and I’m not gonna be able to enjoy any of it. But that’s okay, I’m really proud of the films I’m here with and I’m glad to be part of all that.

Have you been able to see anything as you’ve been shuffled about? Any cool cosplays or just anything  jaw-dropping?

Dane DeHaan: I love the costumes. I saw an awesome Boba Fett that was really impressive on the way in. I just like the general energy of it all — the people, the lines and the costumes. The positivity and general fanfare is really special.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters May 2, 2014.