While Comic-Con news may be all around us, people actually went to the movies this weekend. Hard to believe, but true. And what they wanted was the horror movie. They weren’t so crazy about the new animated film, or that weird fantasy/comedy film. Either of them. So The Conjuring won and won big.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The Conjuring $41,530,000 $14,306 $41,530,000
2 Despicable Me 2 $25,059,000 (-42.9) $6,560 $276,159,000
3 Turbo $21,500,000 $5,649 $31,203,000
4 Grown Ups 2 $20,000,000 (-51.8) $5,729 $79,500,000
5 Red 2 $18,500,000
$6,134 $18,500,000
6 Pacific Rim $15,955,000 (-57.2) $4,857 $68,235,000
7 R.I.P.D. $12,763,000 $4,475 $12,763,000
8 The Heat $9,325,000 (-33.4) $3,468 $129,292,000
9 World War Z $5,200,000 (-44.2) $2,517 $186,941,000
10 Monsters University $5,005,000 (-52.9) $2,290 $248,998,000

I think the big thing to say about this summer is that nothing’s really hanging around at all. Man of Steel is out of the top ten. It’s not going to make it to $300 Million domestic. With The Wolverine the only wide picture opening next weekend and with R.I.P.D. tanking, it’s possible that both hit 6/21 (WWZ and MU) films could stay in the top ten, but with The Way, Way Back expanding, who’s to say. It could just be the crush of films, as there were four wide releases, but this summer hasn’t been as interested in round numbers as summer’s past. You have to make your money in three weeks or less.

That said, The Conjuring was very cheap, and though they might have been nervous about the R rating, it didn’t prove an obstacle. Though it could be off 60% or more next weekend, expect the picture to do in the $70 Million range at the least. And Despicable Me 2 is going to be the number two film of the summer at this rate. It’s on track to be the only other film besides Iron Man 3 to clear $300 Million domestic.

Turbo opened Wednesday, and it could get near $100 Million, but it’s going to need international to not be a disaster. The same could be said of Red 2 – it did okay but it doesn’t look like it will lead to a trilogy. R.I.P.D. is a huge bomb, though Universal couldn’t have been surprised about that. It feels like they intentionally fumbled the ball on that one.

Grown Ups 2 is going to get past $100 Million, but it’s hard to tell if it will be as leggy as the first film. Pacific Rim will need some support to get past $100 Million, but it could get there. International is that much stronger, and there’s no way it would make the list of the top five flops of summer. But top ten? Maybe.

Reality Check: I thought The Conjuring would be #1, and as a horror film I thought it might do better than some predictions, but obviously I lowballed, as I slightly overestimated the other new films. Oh well.

What did you watch this weekend?