Comic-Con is finally here and that means that we’re constantly getting updates about our favorite upcoming movies and TV shows. Today has brought us the very first trailer for The Walking Dead season 4, spoilers about Sherlock‘s third season, not to mention loads of other news updates from a number of panels. While we are covering the convention (and bringing you the latest news from the floor), this roundup is to make up for anything that might’ve slipped through our fingers this week. Below you’ll find a number of brand new posters and videos that are coming out of Comic-Con 2013.

  • You’re Next Poster: Lionsgate has released a poster for their upcoming slasher You’re Next, especially for Comic-Con. The film follows the Davison family, who come under violent attack during their wedding anniversary getaway. You’re Next arrives in theaters August 23rd.


  • New Oldboy Banner: Spike Lee‘s Oldboy got a stylish new banner for this special event. The image shows us a lonely girl standing in the middle of the rain, holding a yellow umbrella. The film opens October 25th.


  • New Insidious 2 Poster: James Wan is on a roll. The director is getting awesome reviews for The Conjuring (I have personally seen the movie twice and highly recommend it), but now that that the film is out, Wan must prepare for the release of Insidious 2. IGN premiered a Comic-Con poster for the film, along with a new clip (which you can see below). The horror flick hits theaters September 13.


  • Godzilla Teaser Poster And Concept Art: One of the biggest movies at this year’s Comic-Con is definitely Godzilla. The film isn’t arriving until 2014, but people seem to really be excited for the return of the king of monsters. Below we have a brand new teaser poster, plus concept art. Check it out.


Concept Art:



  • New Machete Kills Clip: Michelle Rodriguez is no stranger to Comic-Con. This year she’ll appear at the Entertainment Weekly‘s Women Who Kick Ass panel at Comic-Con on Saturday. The site is pumped about her participation on the panel that they released footage of her kicking some serious ass in Machete Kills. The film arrives in theaters October 4th. Here’s the clip:

  • New Insidious 2 Clip: And, as mentioned above, here’s the new clip courtesy of IGN.

  • The Digital Artistry Of Pacific Rim: Guillermo Del Toro is one of the most beloved filmmakers at Comic-Con. Though his latest movie, Pacific Rim, is already out in theaters, the movie still has some presence at the Con. Warner Bros. has released a brand new featurette called The Digital Artistry of Pacific Rim, which takes a special behind-the-scenes look at the film. Check it out:

That’s the end of our Comic-Con round-up for this week. Keep checking back at ScreenCrave for more Comic-Con news.

What are you excited for?