When it comes to sci-fi television, Battlestar Galactica is one of the highest on the list. It was extremely popular throughout the duration of its run, but its time has passed. Now, creator Ronald D. Moore has moved on to a new project, more along the lines of horror. It’s called Helix and not much has been revealed about the show… until now. 

During San Diego Comic-Con, Moore gave a description of what Helix is really all about:

Helix is a thriller with sort of horrific elements in it. It takes place in a research base inside the Arctic Circle outside of international laws. It’s not really controlled by any one particular nation. It’s a group of people that got money together through miscellaneous sources and have been up there for quite some time doing medical research. Something happens in the base, a virus breaks out and they are quarantined and they the center for disease control in Atlanta to send a team to help contain this. When the team gets there, they discover that there’s a lot more going on in this base than anticipated and they start realizing that the research that’s been going on has enormous potential to help humanity or to destroy humanity. So those are the stakes of the show. Each episode is one day of the base, so the tension keeps ramping up until we get to the end of the first season.

At one point he touched upon the horror/thriller influence we may see in the show:

If we’re talking about what Kubrick brought, in terms of style, there was a stillness to the camera, a dread that would build over still shots and waiting for something to happen and making the audience feel uneasy. Then there’s the clean spaces of the lab that also feel lived in and old at the same time. So there’s this strange balance between the classic sci-fi white palette but also having it in a base that’s quite old, so things have been going around here for quite some time.

On what our heroes will be finding as they go through the facility:

It’s focused on this one specific experiment, but in terms of developing that particular thing they’re working on, there are other technologies that the team will discover that have been going on here for quite some time. There’s different layers of this base, in a couple of different levels, and they realize there’s other levels, deeper levels and realized that there are a lot of other large things that are going on for a longer period of time.

Moore cast Billy Campbell and Helix’s leading man.  He briefly explains his role as well as the main antagonist for the first season:

He’s the lead, he plays Alan. He’s the leader of the CDC team that goes in to investigate. Ataki is the guy that’s running this facility. He’s the man of mystery in this story. What’s he really up to? Why isn’t he telling us everything that’s happening? And then there’s deeper mysteries about who exactly he really is, which is a part of the mystery of the show as well. The rest of the characters are a split between the people who are on the base when you first get there and the CDC team who goes to investigate.

Will you be tuning in to Helix when it airs?