It was only a matter of time before Franklin & Bash took on a case about hoaxes and pranksters. The duo’s famously known for their own over-the-top antics in the courtroom. In “Freck,” Jared and Peter help an old buddy attempt to outsmart a cunning trickster who turns up dead.

The Players:

  • Director: Colin Bucksey
  • Writer: Richard Hewett, Kevin Falls
  • Cast: Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Breckin Meyer, Heather Locklear, Malcolm McDowell, Tricia Helfer, Reed Diamond, Kumail Nanjiani

Episode Title: “Freck”

Peter and Jared come to the aid of their friend Robbie (guest star Eddie Jemison) when he’s accused of murdering his practical joke adversary. Meanwhile, Damien handles a case for Infeld’s foundation that involves rehabilitated gangsters. And Peter meets Charlie’s daughter.

The Good:

  • Ultimate Prank Case: Robbie is stuck in a unique situation because he’s being framed, by a prankster, for a fake murder. This type of case is what Peter and Jared were born for. They love charades. How do they outsmart a fierce prankster like themselves? By setting up a phony wedding. There were so many exciting elements to this case, and we’re glad Peter and Jared were the ones who handled it.
  • Mocking Damien: The relationship between Damien and the boys is getting funnier and sweeter. They treat each other like brothers – Damien being the older, uptight one, and Peter and Jared, the younger, goofy ones. Their friendship has become one of the elements that makes the show fun to watch.

Best Lines:

  • “I always thought I’d make a good gang member, minus the violence.” –Jared
  • “Just take my 27-year-old scotch and get out of here.” -Damien
  • “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” –Pindar

The So-So:

  • Playing Daddy: Peter met Charlie’s daughter, and she was not impressed by him. We also weren’t impressed by how eager he was to play daddy. Peter’s a smart, hip guy. He should know that all he needs to do to impress anyone is just be himself.
  • Quite Rachel: Rachel King takes a backseat in “Freck.” She doesn’t handle any cases, and while she does show up in a few scenes, she mostly stays quiet. During season 3, Rachel has become one of the strong assets of the show, both for her dry humor and hilarious verbal attacks on Peter and Jared. Having her stay in the background is a huge no-no.


Finally Peter and Jared got one of the good cases, and most importantly, interesting. However, the best moments belonged to Damien, while he was interacting with Peter and Jared. Their relationship has really taken a good turn. Unfortunately, Rachel stayed in the background during this episode and that was a poor choice by the writers. We like seeing tons of Heather Locklear. Tons!

Rating: 7/10

Franklin and Bash airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on TNT.

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