Gina Carano in Haywire

Despite the fact that many action film stars can have absolutely zero acting chops, drop them in the right film, and it can just click.  Case in point (besides nearly every great and cheesy action film of the ‘80s and ‘90s): Gina Carano.  While the MMA fighter lacks onscreen polish, or many discernible acting skills, when she was dropped in the middle of Steven Soderbergh’s slick CIA  genre flick Haywire, Carano held her own against a number of seasoned actors and turned the film into a modest hit.  Meaning that, given the right project, she can shine.

Which makes the news leaking out of Comic-Con this year all the more interesting—it looks like Carano is teaming with Rob Liefeld to develop a film based on Liefeld’s comic, Avengelyne, into a film franchise for her to anchor.

Avengelyne concerns the tale of the titular angel who happens to kill monsters, is a feared and respected warrior in Heaven, has faced down Satan, and got herself kicked out of Heaven for questioning God.  So, she’s kind of a badass, as far as scantily-clad angels go.

While the film would seemingly mish-mash a number of popular pop-cultural staples—something like Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Underworld—it remains to be seen if the two can sell the project.  That said, Liefeld and Carano will be at Comic-Con on Saturday selling posters featuring Carano as Avengelyne, and next will mark the beginning of their search for a writer and director.

What do you think of the Avengelyne news?

Source: Collider